About Us

Most new cars are fitted with alloy wheels, which are prized for their light weight, high style and durability. However, even the stock alloys may need an occasional upgrade. It can be hard to find the right wheels and tyres for a car, especially if buying online. However, at Sultan Cars, you can get the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make an informed decision.

There’s a lot to consider when buying new rims or tyres for your car, such as backspacing, offset, centre bore and much more. Being off by even a millimeter can be disastrous, and fixing the mistake can be costly. With help from www.sultan.net.au, you’re sure to learn just what you need to find the right set for your car, 4×4 or ute.

Driving can be difficult, but finding the right accessories does not have to be. Keep coming back to Sultan Cars, and you’re sure to be a wheel and tyre expert in no time.